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At Merlin Solutions we pride ourselves on having the skill set necessary to implement today’s highly integrated systems.

Our clients need support for their businesses, not simply support from “SILO SPECIALISTS”.

We believe that business and business processes are interlinked by communications, not just over local networks, but also over wide area and wireless networks. This infrastructure is powered by electricity, no matter how generated, and needs proper attention to mitigate against interference caused by storms, glitches, outages and even vandalism. The communication infrastructure uses data, voice, video and data feeds from CNN, Bloomberg etc to facilitate modern business “information” lead decisions. VPN, remote accesses, remote security, secure emails are all requirements for a successful business in today’s economic climate. People also demand more of their business workstations, unlike large inflexible corporations; our SME clients use their PC’s out of hours for recreational purposes. Heck, some of them even play flight-sim and watch satellite TV, whilst waiting for that trans-Atlantic phone reply.

Even though starting a new business is expensive, we believe that having a single PC operating it is untenable in today’s “information-critical” world. So we offer low cost, server-centric solutions, often based on open-source technologies that enable our clients to have cast effective, scalable solutions that continue when ( NOT IF) your pc fails.

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